Apply for Nurdle’s Pilot Program
Improve Model Accuracy with Nurdle's Cutting-Edge Second Generation Synthetic Datasets.
Nurdle AI is offering a select number of companies the opportunity to refine their models with high-quality, specialized synthetic data sets generated from a small sample of real data (yours or ours).

Nurdle makes data generation and preparation easier, cheaper, and faster than handling it all on your own in-house. Apply for the pilot program to get started.
Meet The Team
Data Submission
Collaborate with our expert team to dive into the specifics of your model, overall objectives, data requirements, and definitions.
Share a sample of real-human, labeled, or unlabeled data that aligns with your objectives.
How It Works
Data Preparation
Nurdle prepares the provided data, ensuring privacy compliance by scrubbing personally identifiable information (PII).
Synthetic Data Delivery
Receive examples of unstructured, labeled, or unlabeled synthetic data sets from Nurdle.
Feedback Loop
Review the synthetic data examples and provide your valuable feedback to fine-tune the datasets further.
Witness Nurdle's expertise in scaling the production of synthetically generated datasets.
Production Scaling
Ready to take the leap or have inquiries? Submit your application for our pilot program and start the journey toward enhanced model accuracy!
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