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Improving LLM Performance with Specialized Data
For AI builders, including product managers, data scientists, CTOs, and machine-learning engineers.
Join AI experts for drinks, discussion, and networking, focusing on improving LLM performance! We'll be chatting about the latest trends across predictive and generative AI. For example, with specialization, how product and data science teams can use custom data to fine-tune their LLM to have more human-like and personalized responses.
At this event, we'll dive into the process of specialization and how it can help you fine-tune your LLMs using company-specific data to achieve the best possible results.
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Happy Hour + Panel
5-7:30pm ET
November 28th
This event is an absolute must-attend for anyone who wants to improve their LLM performance and tap into the creative and practical possibilities of Generative AI. So what are you waiting for? Register now to secure your spot and stay ahead in the exciting world of LLMs!
Real-world examples of how specialized data has led to better customer experiences and ROI.
Our amazing panelists will explore
The common challenges that can cause issues with LLM performance, like context, specificity, and domain relevance.
Strategies for collecting, curating, and using specialized data to optimize genAI performance (it's not as complicated as it sounds!).
Ross Fadely
Nina Lopatina
Darren Oberst
Chris Guess
Data, Strategy, and AI/ML Leader, Former Dow Jones, Former WSJ
Director of Data Science, Nurdle
CEO, Ai Bloks
Lead Technologist, Duke Reporters' Lab
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Leo Chiang
Dir. Products, Data Science & Machine Learning, Warner Bros. Discovery
Join us at LLM Happy Hour
2 blocks away from the NeuroIPS Conference
We're excited to connect with data scientists and engineers at the LLM Happy Hour hosted by Nurdle! A networking event to discuss challenges, best practices, and what's next in the world of LLM's. We are looking forward to inspiring discussions and knowledge-sharing!
Happy Hour
5:30-7:30pm ET
December 13th
New Orleans,
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Jonathan Purnell
Mike Sullivan
Othmane Rifki
VP of Data Science, Nurdle
Senior Director of Engineering, Nurdle
Principal Applied Scientist, Nurdle
Nina Lopatina
Director of Data Science, Nurdle