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is Making AI Fun
Get ready to Nurd out on LLMs! Join us for happy hours and expert panels that bring together AI builders
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Speakers and content are being finalized but as with all of our expert panels you won’t want to miss data science and AI product leaders getting into the details of how exactly they’re getting new AI products to market.

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Date and location - TBA
Recent Events & Content
Expert Panel
In case you haven’t heard, the future of AI is likely to be smaller, use-case specific LLMs that are great at specific tasks and cost far less to run than prototypes built in large LLMs like ChatGPT. But how do you get them to production?
Productionizing Custom Large Language Models
Recorded on Jan 30, 2024
Santa Monica, CA
Happy Hour
We're excited to connect with data scientists and engineers at the LLM Happy Hour hosted by Nurdle! A networking event to discuss challenges, best practices, and what's next in the world of LLM's.
NeurIPS LLM Happy Hour — New Orleans
December 14, 2023,
New Orleans
Happy Hour
We had a great time discussing challenges, best practices, and the future of LLMs with data scientists and engineers after the AI Conference.
AI Conference LLM Happy Hour
September 27th, 2023
San Francisco