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Join Nurdle’s free pilot program to get better data for your AI projects

If you’re reading this, you probably have an AI project that you want to launch or improve. And lucky you – we're looking for a few AI partners to participate in our free (!!!) pilot program so we can show the world what we can do.
Justin Davis
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Whether it’s a chatbot, a copywriting LLM, or call transcript analytics, you’re looking for data to test, fine-tune, or even cold-start your project. And since AI is only as good as the data it’s trained on, you want high-quality data that’s relevant to your specific use cases but doesn’t break the bank. Fortunately, Nurdle is here to get you the exact data you need!

Wait… What the heck is Nurdle?

We started Nurdle to help your AI projects thrive. Nurdle helps product teams and data scientists get AI projects into production faster, cheaper, and easier than doing all the data preparation in-house.

We take a kernel of real data from our data vault (Or a small sample from your own data) and scale it to create “lookalike” synthetic datasets that perform at nearly the same accuracy as human-prepared data, but without the hefty price tag or lengthy production time. Instead of spending weeks or months on data prep, you can get up and running within a few hours at a cost that’s 300x less than human-labeled data.

How exactly does Nurdle work?

Over the years, we’ve built up a ginormous data vault of real-world human interactions from online platforms all over the world. This has given us a vast range of diverse and highly nuanced datasets that can be leveraged for any AI use case imaginable – from common scenarios like customer service and marketing to more sensitive applications in the healthcare and finance spaces.

At Nurdle, we handle all the data sourcing, curating, cleaning, and labeling that data scientists hate doing. Seriously, 76% of data scientists say data prep is the worst part of their jobs. Nurdle also can take your unstructured text and create custom datasets that are seeded from real human data, whether it’s from our data vault or built upon your own internal data. Either way, you won’t have to worry about a lack of data slowing down your AI!
Nurdle data can help you in all aspects of the AI development process:
Data creation and augmentation for fine-tuning
All LLMs start out as ‘general knowledge’ models without any particular expertise. Nurdle data can be cultivated specifically for the subject matter and intended use cases of your model, so it can better train your AI with relevant knowledge and better practices like talking to your audience in your appropriate brand voice.
Data formatting and transformation
Nurdle can turn random, unstructured content like transcripts, reports, and emails into QA formats that can be queried for answers and information. This also can be used for retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) to tap appropriate outside data for reducing hallucinations and inaccuracies in your LLM.
Test data
Don’t you hate it when you've spent a bunch of time and money to build a model, but have no way of properly testing it? Nurdle data can be used to gauge the accuracy and effectiveness of your LLM by using new, separate datasets to evaluate its performance.

Okay, why should I use Nurdle?

In a perfect world, all your data would be real data. That is, data that’s been generated by humans and then collected, cleaned, and labeled by humans for utmost accuracy and contextual relevance to your specific AI application.

Unfortunately, real data costs 300x more than synthetic data to prepare, so it’s a dealbreaker for most companies – if they can even find enough real data in the first place. Nurdle can get you the exact kind of data you need and in the necessary quantities for your AI, whether it’s a small amount to cold-start your project or vast swaths for fine-tuning or QA-formatted for RAG or testing.

If you’re worried about synthetic datasets not being good enough, keep in mind that Nurdle provides hybrid “lookalike” data which has been sourced from real-world data and performs at virtually the same level:
In other words: Nurdle data performs 92% as well as real data and costs 300 times less. A very worthy trade-off!

You won’t just save money by using Nurdle data – you’ll also save a lot of time and launch your AI projects quicker. Real data requires data scientists to spend 80% of their time on organizing and cleaning datasets, and can take weeks or months to fully prepare for use. Nurdle handles all your data prep for you, so your data scientists can focus on higher-level tasks instead. We’ll get you the right data for your AI’s specific use cases in a matter of hours, so you can roll out updates or entirely new products much faster.

One more perk of Nurdle data is that, since it’s synthetic, it’s fully compliant with privacy laws like GDPR and HIPAA. This is very important if you work in closely regulated fields like healthcare, finance, or the legal space where real user data is prohibited from being used for training AI. Since Nurdle data has been seeded in real data, (Hence why we describe it as hybrid data) it still allows your AI to perform accurately and effectively for sensitive use cases without running afoul of data privacy regulations.

Introducing Nurdle’s pilot program

In our newly launched (And free!) pilot program, we’ll send you “lookalike” datasets that have been custom-tailored specifically for your AI project. As described above, you’ll get hybrid synthetic data that performs comparably to real data but at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Of course, if you’re selected for the pilot program, you won’t have to worry about cost at all because it’s free.

The Nurdle pilot program’s steps are pretty straightforward:
We’ll start by creating a Data Gap Analysis report for you to identify what data clusters you’re missing from your LLM to hit your performance goals. This analysis alone will save your data scientists 2-4 weeks of mind-numbing data curation time.
Once we know what data you need, we’ll create high-volume “lookalike” synthetic data by taking your real data and our real data. We’ll use your existing data to test it for accuracy and relevance.
As we mentioned above, we’ll handle all the data prep work so your team doesn’t have to spend time doing it – that includes scrubbing of personally identifiable information (PII) for regulation compliance, cleaning for errors or noise, and properly labeling it.
Our pilot program can work with many different types of AI projects, so don’t think it won’t apply to you. Some of the use cases we currently are running include:
  • Messaging AI to aid in copywriting and creating marketing materials that are relevant to your brand and target demographic.

  • Training data for chatbots to interact with customers in a manner that’s consistent with your brand’s voice and focus.

  • Sentiment analysis to detect how people really feel about your brand, and whether you need an actual human to step in to keep a customer from leaving.
  • Our data vault includes conversational data from platforms in dozens of languages, which can be used to make your LLM capable of handling inputs from audiences across the globe.
  • Train your private LLM models on a large and diverse set of questions and answers so anyone in your organization can find what they’re looking for, even if they don’t know exact filenames or technical jargon.

  • Q&A datasets also can be used to better train chatbots to more accurately answer questions that customers ask in the chat.
Messaging and conversational datasets to train LLMs
Datasets to train your LLM on multiple languages
Q&A datasets for semantic search and chatbot LLMs
All in all, the Nurdle pilot program is for anyone who wants to launch a new AI project or vastly improve their existing models. From sourcing data to cleaning and labeling it, we’ll handle all your data prep so you can focus on building the best product possible.

I’m interested… Who can I talk to about Nurdle?

Whew, that was a lot of reading! But if you’ve made it this far, you’re probably thinking a lot about how Nurdle can assist in taking your AI project to the moon.

Whether you’re ready to get started or want to grill us with more questions, we’re happy to talk. Get in touch with our Nurdle data experts, so we can learn about your goals and how we can help you get the data that your AI models need.

We look forward to speaking with you!
Apply for Nurdle’s Free Pilot Program
Improve Model Accuracy with Nurdle's Cutting-Edge Second Generation Synthetic Datasets.
Nurdle AI is offering a select number of companies the opportunity to refine their models with high-quality, specialized synthetic data sets generated from a small sample of real data (yours or ours).

Nurdle makes data generation and preparation easier, cheaper, and faster than handling it all on your own in-house. Apply for the pilot program to get started.
Meet The Team
Data Submission
Collaborate with our expert team to dive into the specifics of your model, overall objectives, data requirements, and definitions.
Share a sample of real-human, labeled, or unlabeled data that aligns with your objectives.
How It Works
Data Preparation
Nurdle prepares the provided data, ensuring privacy compliance by scrubbing personally identifiable information (PII).
Synthetic Data Delivery
Receive examples of unstructured, labeled, or unlabeled synthetic data sets from Nurdle.
Feedback Loop
Review the synthetic data examples and provide your valuable feedback to fine-tune the datasets further.
Witness Nurdle's expertise in scaling the production of synthetically generated datasets.
Production Scaling
Ready to take the leap or have inquiries? Submit your application for our pilot program and start the journey toward enhanced model accuracy!
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