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Synthetic Data
Comprehensive guide to synthetic data: Learn how synthetic data can revolutionize AI training and model development in our detailed guide.
Susie Stulz
Reading time: 12 min
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How to Choose a Model on Hugging Face: 5-Step Guide
How to efficiently identify models in Hugging Face for your data science workflow. Get the most out of Hugging Face with our 5-step guide to model selection. Improve your data analysis today.
Nina Lopatina
Data Training Strategies for AI Models: Real vs. Synthetic Data, and Repositories
Data is the Michael’s Secret Stuff of artificial intelligence. For any AI project, training and fine-tuning your large language model (LLM) requires essential data to slam-dunk its tasks...
Data for AI
Hetal Bhatt
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Fine-Tuning Sentiment Analysis Classifiers with Nurdle
Understand the challenges of creating accurate sentiment analysis AI, from dataset bias to domain adaptation, and how Nurdle's solutions address these issues.
AI Sentiment Analysis
Hetal Bhatt
Enhancing and Fine Tuning Large Language Models (LLMs)
Numerous businesses are excited to release generative AI-powered applications that can provide benefits to both their employees and customers. Thanks to the widespread availability of large language models (LLMs)...
Susie Stulz
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Join Nurdle’s free pilot program to get better data for your AI projects
If you’re reading this, you probably have an AI project that you want to launch or improve. And lucky you – we're looking for a few AI partners to participate in our free (!!!) pilot program so we can show the world what we can do.
Pilot Program
Hetal Bhatt
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